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Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Being a business owner is hard enough, but it’s particularly difficult when you are unexpectedly forced to respond to actions of disgruntled employees.

What if—

  • despite the best efforts of the company, an employee feels that he was treated in a grossly unfair manner and decides to complain to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?
  • another employee feels she was passed over for a promotion she believed she had earned and decides to pursue legal redress?
  • a merger forces layoffs of some long-time employees who all sue the employer?

For a business owner, the field of employment practices is more aptly called a “mine field.”

From the Fortune 500 companies right down to the smaller commercial establishments, every business owner is open to the possibility of costly litigation at the very least and of costly settlements and/or jury awards at the outside.
Employers face enormous risks in hiring and firing staff. Wrongful termination claims have grown to rival the number of harassment charges. More than half of all federal employment charges involve claims of wrongful termination. Employees win half of these lawsuits. Allegations from current, former or even prospective employees can range from termination to the infliction of emotional distress created by hostile environment.

Employment practices liability insurance was developed by the insurance industry in response to the increasing number of claims and suits filed against employers. EPLI coverage focuses primarily on protecting against financial loss from claims of wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment, but can also cover a host of other wrongful employment actions.

Business owners can no longer afford to ignore the threat posed by employee lawsuits. Employment practices liability insurance has become an essential part of the corporate insurance portfolio.

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